BCS Admissions Requirements

New students must meet the following criteria to be accepted into the next successive grade level:

  1. Have documentation showing that they successfully completed the previous

    grade by a demonstrated proficiency of at least 70% or higher in reading comprehension, math, and English grammar and composition.

    If the new student has taken any standardized tests, the student should have earned national scores of at least 50th percentile or higher in reading comprehension, math, and English grammar and composition. If he has never taken any standardized tests and there is any doubt as to his abilities, the next step of testing should be followed.

  2. All incoming students will be tested in the three critical areas of math, reading comprehension, and English writing skills, using the Bayshore Christian School Placement Tests to compare new student scores with their potential Bayshore Christian School grade-level peers.

  3. Students must have completed the necessary prerequisite courses to enter the grade level for which they are applying. Provisional acceptance can be granted with approved plans for attaining the credit before the school year in question begins. (e. g. At BCS, students take Latin in the 7th-10th grade; therefore, entering tenth graders must have already successfully completed prerequisite Latin to be enrolled in the course. Therefore, an otherwise qualified student who applies for tenth grade may be provisionally accepted on the condition that he/she successfully complete a credit of Latin before the school year begins.)

  4. Entering students will be interviewed in order to assess the students’ academic motivation, spiritual maturity, and potential impact on the culture of the school.

  5. Students must exhibit appropriate levels of behavior and maturity and parents must disclose any previous record of significant social, behavioral, or mental health issues. If evidence of nondisclosure occurs after acceptance the student could become subject to dismissal. BCS is not staffed to serve students with significant social, behavioral, or mental health issues.

The results of the Placement Test will be combined with a new student's report card

and any previous standardized testing scores to determine the best grade level at Bayshore Christian School for that student to enter. If the combined results are not satisfactory, the parents will be apprised of this and be encouraged to consider having their child retained at the previous grade. It should be noted that Bayshore Christian School’s academic program tends to be challenging with varying degrees of difficulty for students coming into the program. Should a student have had academic difficulties in his previous program, the likelihood of compounding that difficulty would be great were he to be promoted to the next grade at Bayshore Christian School.



Admission Requirements for the Parents:

  1. Bayshore Christian School is a Covenant School requiring that at least one parent or legal guardian be a professing Christian and a member in good standing in a local, evangelical church based on 1 Corinthians Chapter 7.

  2. The parents of students at Bayshore must have a clear understanding of the biblical and classical philosophy of Bayshore Christian School. This understanding includes a willingness to have their child exposed to the clear teaching of the school’s Statement of Faith in various and frequent ways within the school’s program.

  3. The parents must be willing to cooperate with all the written policies of Bayshore Christian School. This is most important in the area of discipline and schoolwork standards, as well as active communication with the respective teacher(s) and administration. Parents will notify the school of their corporal discipline choice during the on-line enrollment process.

  4. Parents must be willing to serve BCS in various ways, including active participation in the school’s Parent Teacher Fellowship.

  5. Parents must pay tuition and any other charges according to their signed financial agreement.​

  6. All incoming families will have a family interview with the Head of School.

  7. All parents must agree with the biblical, traditional Judeo-Christian definition of marriage as being the union of one man and one female, free of gender change. In all areas of employment, admissions, and instruction marriage will be defined as the union of one man with one woman as prescribed in the biblical account of the first man, Adam, and the first woman, Eve.

  8. The Head of School will make all final decisions concerning admissions and acceptance of applications. 

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