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Christian Principles — Classical Methods


Bayshore Christian School is pleased to partner with homeschool families as they seek to educate their children in the home setting, but may desire their children to be in weekly group classes.  Bayshore partners with families who are looking for assistance in teaching advanced upper school courses such as, but not limited to, the Sciences/Labs, Math subjects, Latin, Greek, Rhetoric, Literature, Theology, etc. Extracurricular activities such as individual and group music lessons, drama, sewing, chess, and protocol are also an option for homeschool students. These are operated through the Bayshore Christian School’s Master’s Center program.


A La Carte Homeschool Policy


After regular enrollment has ended, selected classes are made available for qualified applicants from outside of the full-time regular enrollees of Bayshore. Homeschool Parents will be notified of space availability after July 15th.


Students who enroll as a Bayshore á la carte student must commit to attending all classes for which they have registered and been accepted on a regular basis for one academic school year, unless providentially hindered. The student will be considered an integral part of the class with all the rights and privileges thereof, and, therefore, will be expected to do all class assignments, including projects and tests. A report card will be issued each quarter and at the end of the year, certifying that the course has been taken, completed and grade earned.


Students are expected to wear uniforms to class and to abide by all general policies applicable to full time Bayshore students as delineated in the Parent-Student Handbook.


Students are expected to arrive for the class on time and then leave when the class is over. Students may not stay at Bayshore unattended. The parents are asked to contact the school office if they are going to be late in picking up the student.


A la carte students are invited to participate in activities of the school unrelated to the particular class taken. The student is invited to attend all field trips relating to their specific class upon payment of applicable fees. Arrangements may be made to take ERB standardized tests on a per test cost basis. 


Homeschool classes will open based on availability after July 15th each year.  New students may access our co-op application via this website.  Returning students will begin re-enrollment on July 15th.


Classes for the 2018-2019 school year begin August 9 and end May 17. There are thirty-six weeks in one academic school year.  

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