2020 Senior Thesis

Presentation Schedule

Monday, February 10th at 6 pm


Theme: Fostering Virtue


  1. Max Jones: “Unboxing Productivity”

  2. Ollen Brown: "Loving Our Children to Death"

  3. Sam Malone: “Why Having Morals Is Crucial for Young Adults”

  4. Lana Smoot: “Childhood and Redemption”

  5. Ella Pursley: “Tolkien on Myth and Virtue”

  6. Lillian Krueger: “Fake Stories to Know a Real God



Tuesday, February 11th at 6 pm


Theme: Questions of Theology


  1. Abbie Haygood: “Women: First at the Cradle and Last at the Cross”

  2. Nathan Vincent: “How to Save a Life”

  3. Hunter Hardy: “The Value of a Disabled Life”

  4. Ellis Hope: “The Supernatural: An Inside Look on the Christian Faith”

  5. Emma Finnamore: “The Purpose of Marriage”

  6. Nina Messinger: “The Physical and the Spiritual: How the Senses Shape Our Faith”


Monday, February 17th at 6pm


Theme: Applied Sciences


  1. Tillery French: “The Recipe For Your Personality”

  2. Sierra Scoggin: “How ADHD Affects One’s Faith and Church Attendance”

  3. Zachary Stewart: “Complexity Theory: Science for a Messy World"

  4. Austin Gray: “Animal Conservation: Protecting the Artist’s Work”

  5. Braden Downing: “Modern Warfare: America’s use of Unmanned Aerial Systems” 


Tuesday, February 18th at 6pm 


Theme: Connections & Community


  1. Garris Adamson: “Resilience: An Essential Characteristic for Mankind"

  2. Wes Cochran: “Breaking Down Walls: Opening the Conversation about Depression”

  3. Camryn Sexton: “Rape Culture in America”

  4. Martha Hollowell: “Dear Stress: Let’s Break Up” 

  5. Brooke Bradley: “How Sin Perverts and Prevents Community with God in Frankenstein and Paradise Lost”

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